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26th-Aug-2011 05:20 pm - Snaps from Edinburgh
doctor who
I went up to Edinburgh (from London) for the Fringe Festival with my dad and brother.  We saw some famous people, like Shappi Khorsandi and Phil Hammond (both exceedingly good), and some not so famous, like Tiffany Stevenson (v. good) and Let Them Eat Cake (a series of amusing historical sketches).  I went to a lecture at the Edinburgh book festival by Peter Atkins, a famous chemist who's written tons of books, including two of my Chemistry text books.  The talk was, alas, not about Chemistry, but instead about his new book about why science can explain everything.  Nothing new there, really, and the whole thing was a bit dull.  I did get him to sign my ticket afterwards, though.Read more...Collapse )
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